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TBT Poets with the Write Stuff, Press Democrat, Nov. 19, 1989.

#TBT Poets with the Write Stuff, Press Democrat, by Susan Swartz, Nov. 19, 1989. Besides the featured poets David Bromige, Elizabeth Herron, and myself, Sonoma County poets mentioned: Lynn Watson, Sonoma Mandala editor Doug (DR) Powell (I was an editor in 1980), Green Fuse editor Ralph Smith, Avec editor Cydney Chadwick, Loose Gravel (Steve Tills), Poets of the Vineyard, Russian River Writers' Guild (most of us were organizers), Carolyn Kizer, Bob Kaufman, were all SC poets; Maya Angelou, and Andrei Codrescu had moved on, but were still very much part of the Sonoma County literary psyche. 

David Bromige, Doug Powell, Lynn Watson, Ralph Smith (JoAnn Marler's father-in-law), Cydney Chadwick,

 Susan interviewed me right before the Loma Prieta earthquake struck, and I was so nauseous right before it struck, I cut the interview off short, went to bed, only to have the entire cabin shake like a wet dog. We were upstaged by the quake, the article did eventually appear, but we were so distracted by the aftermath, I don't think anyone actually ever read this article.

Dontcha just love the Mental Health Crisis Hotline number under my photo/poem? Also Pat Nolan's upcoming Black Bart Poetry Society Doggerel Contest at the Blue Heron in Duncan's MIlls (I was a judge for "those fine-haired sonsabitches." ) Gail King Alastair Johnston Steven Lavoie Ah, for a life of crime... (Wish I had the article...) Jim Mccrary said. Loose Gravel was out of SSU. Hank Mancini and Steve Tills edited. Only a few issues.


Teaching a CPITS poetry residency at Analy High School in Sebastopol, 1981. Glenn Ingersoll was my student!

Glenn Ingersoll Yup, I'm the "student [who] came with a folder of ninety poems he had written during the fall." I abnegated my responsibility to choose favorites and turned it all over to you. Thanks!

Wait, there's more. Your mom wrote a letter to the editor. She was so great. Did she ever write? So grateful to have known her. Loved how she got involved with the Russian River Writers' Guild readings. But it must've been odd for you having your mom at all your readings?

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I probably should also post these on the original dates too. 

#TBT April 9, 1985. A dog-eared copy of a copy—note how the bottom of the article is missing. My California Arts Council artist-in-schools residencies at Mark West School in Santa Rosa literally changed my life. For that CAC-supported vision, I am grateful. Thank you Philip Horn and Wayne Cook for believing in my project. Because I was mixing my mediums, I almost didn't get funding—until Phil came to do a site visit. He said, Oh, Now, I get what you're doing... Now the CAC hosts mixed-media residencies. But not waaaay back then. During Arts Day lobbying at the State Capitol, I also gave all my congressmen and the Governor copies of our student poetry and art anthology—never expecting a letter back from the Governor. Perhaps my favorite student poem was from a kindergartner who proclaimed: "If I were king of the universe, I'd dance for a living."
In 1989, my CAC project led me to the USSR, and a poetry and art exchange with what later became our sister city in the Ukraine. An article appeared about me (and these photos) in Kostior, and we were deluged with letters from kids all over the entire Soviet Union wanting to be part of the exchange. Letters addressed to Dear Santa Rosa...

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