Thursday, October 9, 2014

Questions for the Medievalists

I have some questions for the Medievalists: It took one guy to carve those wooden ceiling bosses and two guys to paint them? Sounds like the beginning of a Medieval lightbulb joke. Shouldn't be the other way round—surely it took longer to carve, than to paint them. They got the easy job. Hardly any paint was used.

Did Leonardo daVinci really write backwards in his journals? (Hard to tell from photo)—I heard rumor that he did). Were mirrors offered to decode his writing? What did it really say? Was it really about his cat?

Nice manly buttocks on the carved Italian altarpiece, BTW. Could you add a close-up, for detail on the carving methodology, of course. please? 

How on earth did that old oil lamp stand up on its own spindly spider legs (or is a leg missing)—surely it was a fire hazard? Was there enough detail to see the chess game in progress on the salt cellar? What was the next move? Tristan or Isolde's? The actual salt cellar—the bowl's gone missing? Fie. I wonder if it too was as ornate? And what about the spoon? Was it a runcible spoon?

And about that roundtable of King Arthur's, very impracticable table. No one can reach the meat in the middle. Is it suspended in the air, on is it glass, where did they get sheetglass glass way back when, are there small people hiding under the tablecloth ready to serve their lordships? (But then, if they were really small people, then their arms wouldn't be long enough to reach the meat, let alone serve it.) I have so many questions. Signed, The Serving Wench.
And I'm only on my first cupp tae. And what about the cafe?

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