Saturday, October 18, 2014

No Egrets, drawing (art) 2014

No egrets. No yeller feet either. It's a drawing from a photo I chose in Prathro Serrano's class at the CPITS retreat last weekend. I didn't write the poem. Didn't have the heart to add words to my drawing. He's backwards, in that if I was drawing fro real life, I'd choose a bird facing the other way. It's a handed thing. What feels right. So I was out of my comfort zone drawing him to the left. I suppose I could've transposed him. I've a mind like that. The walleyed ability to see two different directions at once. He had black legs and feet. I love the silly yellow feet of our native snowy egrets—they use them as bright decoys to shuffle out small fish resting in the shallows. We used to call them cattle egrets as they'd hitch rides on the backs of cows in pasture. I remember being so bored watching them at Audubon Canyon Ranch—everybody being all hush-hush and whispery like we were in church watching birds preening and flapping their wings in the treetops—but I am glad now for the experience. My grandmother had a hat decorated with egret plumage that she wore to church on Sundays. Back in the 1970s, I used to work for Alice Kent at Western Star Press, selling glossy prints of egrets to raise money for the Audubon Canyon Ranch, and tarot cards for the Aquarian Age. Funny, when I see them now, I am in a church of sorts.

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