Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Denial, a river of ice. (Knee chronicles)

Rather than fight it,
I should ice my torn knee.
Denial, a river of ice.

Someone tells me they had to ice their knee for two years.. Two years?  Same bag of frozen peas? Talk about mushy peas. I also use frozen peas. I like petit pois best. They mold to the anatomy. I need surgery but insurance is stalling. I got a cortisone shot on Friday and it made a huge difference—I was able to get around at the Highland Games, but it's only a stopgap. Paying for it now. I've kept off my knee the whole week. It really makes a difference. It still has phantom twinges of pain for no reason, but icing always helps. Trying not to take Advil. Reading a lot of ebooks these days to pass the time.

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