Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bummed knee

I am a reclining social media typist. My keyboard is leaning at a 37* angle on my lap. Propped up on the bed at a 37* angle (the angle of declination), with a bran hull pillow under my knee. I can't do much else these days. I've become a bum with a knee for an excuse.

With my keyboard on the fritz, I'm lucky to get anything correct. If I touch the num-pad or move the keyboard, it freezes. Sometimes it types the oddest string of letters. I need a new one but I really prefer a bluetooth keyboard to a leashed one. And money is not an option. Meaning I have no money to option. No matter that the pain has turned my brain to fuzzy logic.

*      *      *

Last night I took the kinezio tape off my knee (it was itching like mad), with no support, my knee feels very unstable—just to walk to the teapot for a refill is tricky. 

Acupuncture today. Not sure it'll be of any use. Waiting for simple surgery—in a holding pattern stuck in bureaucratic mode. A simple meniscus trim job‚ cartilage torn in two places. Both sides of the knee. Agh! I imagine loose-jointed chicken carcasses.

*      *      *

Day two of headaches. Tea is not working. Got right cranky and tweeted to Sherman Alexie "Don't be such a twat" on Twitter for tweeting "Grammar cops are rarely good writers." Then I deleted it. Maybe Advil would be a good idea.

Clearly Sherman has not been reading trashy novels on his Kindle.

*      *      *

I'm averaging a book and a half a day on Kindle. Freebies rule. OMG, the typos! Usually they flub it's vs its. But the grammar is also fairly a·tro·cious! I actually wrote to one author, who ruined her great storyline with too many sentences constructed with an aggressive possessive use of the common noun: the door's knob. The room's ceiling. Really? SO what's the technical term for this? Other than bad.

Makes me stop and look at the sentence construction every time. 

Understand, I'm a very forgiving reader when it comes to fiction. I can read just about anything—as I'm a slut for storyline. But enough already! I smacks 'em in the metaphorical gob with a wet fish every time they can't use a compound word, or use unnecessary and excessive apostrophes. Makes for very fishy reading.

My bed is a vast sea of unschooled fish.

What came out of this process were my Amazon reviews:
My Amazon Book Reviews
March 27, 2014 I posted my first review.

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