Saturday, July 10, 2010

Facebook is a Global Soapbox

When I was a teenager, I stood transfixed at Hyde Park, London, watching the Sunday soapbox orators—who have assembled at the Speakers' Corner since 1872—climb up onto their wooden (soap) boxes, with megaphones in hand, and crazily pontificate about everything under the sun. And then it dawned on me, I realized that FaceBook is one vast global soapbox.

As far as I'm concerned, 'whom' is a word that was invented to make everyone sound like a butler. -Calvin Trillin, writer (b. 1935) 

A living language is like a man suffering incessantly from small haemorrhages, and what it needs above all else is constant transactions of new blood from other tongues. The day the gates go up, that day it begins to die. -H.L. Mencken, writer, editor, and critic (1880-1956)

added 7/17

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