Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recent Publications

Whereas it's true I'm a less than prolific blogger, that I endlessly rewrite my blogs until I'm right sick of them (Octopus blog was rewritten over the course of a month),

& that I didn't write a thing while I was in Hawaii bad—(but I did take 5000 photos—which serve as a remarkable memory aid),

& that I also didn't write a New Year's resolution, (but I'm a finicky bahumbuggerer affected by a lack of winter light),

nor did I write a blog on Haiti—tho I twittered endlessly, so much so that Tweetmeme picked up my tweets—as did CREDO, and many NGOs.

I now have more followers on Twitter than I have for this blog—unless you count the spammers—about the only mail I receive these days for this blog are from loyal spammers—it's gotten so bad, I've had to turn comments off under several blogs—something I am loath to do as I get little enough feedback as it is. Now my Literata comments are filed under Spam in my Gmail account. Is there no way to put a captcha under Blog Comments? I searched the Google Blog database, to no avail.

Then it dawned on me that I also haven't written about my latest publications either.

Though I must admit, with all the atrocities of Haiti, there's room for little else in my psyche. It's like what Meryl Streep said at the Golden Globes. How can I go out there? Put on a happy face, shove some money over to an NGO and go on...the show must go on. Yes.

So here's a bit of show and tell (I haven't been a total slaggard...).

1) My Beat poet pix* are featured in the just released "Life of Crime" the complete collection of newsletters from the Black Bart Poetry Society—for those who think poetry is a crime, about SF's Poetry Wars featuring NPR's Andrei Codrescu, Tom Clark, Dave Benedetti; and of course the editors themselves: Pat Nolan, Steve LaVoie, and Alastair Johnston... (Poltroon Press 2010) *Bob Kaufman, Joanne Kyger, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, etc. In Moe's and independent Berkeley bookstores now, trade copies at Small Press Distribution.

Hmm, Jack Crimmons gave me a headzup: "Life of Crime" made Ron Silliman rather cranky this morning! Alastair was pleased, said it'll stir up sales! The Poetry Wars do go on.... Andrei Codrescu dropped me a note: It's a wonderful book! What scurrilous characters! What grand times! Fine pics, too, made me nostalgic (a bit).

2) What the World Hears: California Poets in the Schools Statewide Anthology—45th Anniversary edition (with a foreword by Gary Soto). I've got a poem and two student poems in it.

4) Changing Perceptions: California Poets in the Schools Conference Anthology, Kim Shuck, ed. (2008) just arrived in the mail nearly a year and a half late with no © or publisher imprint. I'm rather disappointed in the haphazardness of the whole thing and the two-year wait, well, that's anti-climatic. There were many blank pages at the end that could've been used to cover the gobbelygook. Even if my CPITS anthologies, with the pages designed by kids, are funky, I take pride in what I do and always include the © and the credits... Many valid excuses were given but why didn't Kim give a shout out for help? We would've gladly helped, had we known.

For the record, Blogger has "updated" the blog editor and it's now much worse than back in the day when we had to enter our own HTML codes. What You See Is NOT What You Get.
It's an utter and counterintuitive nightmare to format—and getting photos to align up is another cashmar in perseverance. I hate it and would happily go back to the last version—if only I could figure out how. Gratuitous white spaces and line breaks not only drive me crazy, it makes me psychotically irate. Who designed it, and for whom? Inmates

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