Monday, August 24, 2009

Shortened blog to Literrata

I shortened my blog name to Literrata once I realized that the site is actually linked to my Google account at, and not to my title. Good move, there, Google. You must have foreseen what would happen.

I had to change my blog title, as I couldn't remember, let alone, spell it.... Trying to tell people how to find the blog was a virtual nightmare. Hopefully I can remember it now. Sigh.

My clever play on words was driving me crazy and all this time I thought I was stuck with the albatross. Argh! I had named it on a whim before I actually began blogging and I never even remotely envisioned how difficult it would be to direct people to my site with two non-standard wordplays separated by an ampersand. Undone by my own clever convolutions of dyslexic orthography, I was.

I had far too many nonsensical Pythonesque conversations that went somewhat like this: Is that spelled with one or two "r's"? Is that one or two "t's"? How do you spell it again? What is the second word: cyber-what? Is that with a "y" or an "i"? Huh? What's that? How many "r's" again? Is it literate or lactate? You mean like cat litter with an 'a"? You mean there are no "a's" at all? Oh, there is an "a" but not there. Where is it?

And we hadn't even gotten past the ampersand to the second word. No, it's not an "and", it's an &. What's the difference between and and ampersand. What's a cypher? Is that a Cypher or Cipher? You mean like translation? It's Cyber??? Like in cyberspace? You mean like Arnold? Oh, how clever. And so on....

Needless to say, there was far too much unorthodoxy for even literary punsters to remember. Not exactly a handle you can shout out while standing in line at TJ's. The end result was that I didn't increase any traffic to my site unless I sent a carrier pigeon.

The point was driven well and truly home with square nails when a blogger from Melbourne tried to link up to my site and came up with an interesting, if bizarre version of the title.

Now, maybe the play on words within the title: terra/ errata are more visible. Maybe I can remember it now. The title originally came from the idea of lit-errata. Hopefully this will make for an easier Google search. I wonder how long it will take to purge the Google engine?

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