Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yet another silly Facebook quiz I took:

First 5 cars you've owned  (another vein to mine)

1959 Volvo PV 445, red panel truck with birch and mahogany interior
1969 VW bug, blue named UGSba
1981 Mitsubishi pick up, with over 300k miles on it, Old Lazarus
1979 Jaguar and 1988 Honda Civic Hatchback SI.

I miss the Volvo van (my first car) and the pickup truck. It was dubbed Blue Lazarus and had 300,000 miles on it before someone sideswiped it. It was even in Nash Bridges as a carpenter's truck—or was it the villain's truck?  The guy who blew up the VA hospital.

The Jag coupe is a pain in the ass to keep running. One time a visiting Nigerian poet and I took a tour, it was a gas pulling that baby into a MacDonald's. But later, as we toured the Marin Headlands, there was a short in the wiring, so we had to drive the windy roads sans headlights.

The truck had carburator and gas line issues, it net an ignoble end when a runaway dumpster ran into it, and then a neighbor bashed it with his van. It was then I found the missing clogged fuel filter—inside the gas tank.

The Honda is most reliable of them all. Lil RIX is a king among cars.

None of this is willing to let itself get worked into a poem, from the look of things. So STET it is.

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