Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teaching notes YANC

4/22: It's off to a new school in Foster City: K &1, Day One. In the kindergarten class, we will make clay pots & in the first grade classes we will paint landscapes for Earth Day! How will I manage to teach all that in 45-minute classes? What were they (Young Audiences) thinking? Scheduling like that with no transition time either. Not to mention the massive amounts of prep with the clay class. Breathe. Inspire. Breathe together, a conspiracy of art. It'll all work out. The drive over the San Mateo was breathtaking. Earth Day.

4/22-23: Packing up the car for a silk painting workshops in South San Francisco, I miss the old truck to stow all my gear —especially the stretcherbar frames—it all barely fits into the newish red Honda Civic (but it gets great mileage!)

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