Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wifi woes continued

6/26 We have very little web access and it's crochety when I can get online...I can load an email and even if I'm bumped off the net, at least I can read it later.

6/30 Don't always get a signal here!!! At least the sky's not spitting. We were on Byers Street, Glasgow, old barber shops...took pix for Joe.

We're off to Wales tomorrow, NON and David are off to the retreat and me to the slopes of Snodonia...

I will write as much as I can before signal drops out...lucky I can read fast. Summer here is like winter in SF!!! sitting in a field waving my laptop around for a signal between showers is not my idea fo summer so I'm green with envy over the idea of warm beaches.

I will send this before signal drops.

I'm in GB until July 23 if we don't extend our stay.

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