Thursday, June 19, 2008

Desperately Seeking Wifi

6/19 Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland: Below the Hazel Arms (wifi reception).

I'm still trying to recover from Friday the Thirteenth, actually this whole week before we left for Scotland has been one vast Friday the 13th or like the movie, Groundhog Day...replete with lost passport, plus a hefty SF parking ticket ($50!!) all because of a slow lline at passport agency.

My iMac thinks it's a blank screen with an Apple logo and a fan is running like a 747 and it's allergic to its own startup/repair disk, all my school billing was on it... If I was Jewish, I would be pulling my hair out, saying oy, oy, oy, why me, oh God?

OmiGawd! there's a ring neck pheasant, or a partridge? It looks more like a grouse...sorta like being in Victoria BC here, same plants and latitude. Saw a fox last night...under a sodium light.

It was Neil's and his nephew David's birthday yesterday... we're definitely time confused circadian wise, or witless.

My wifi near the castle has fizzled. I'm looking for an internet signal in a field between showers, bundled up as if for winter... This small rock in the football (soccer) park is the only convenient place where I can pick up a signal.

Maybe Wales will have more consistent wifi.

We joined the Johnstone Library, and the Renfrewshire Library so we could have internet access but navigating Windows under pressure (we're only allowed 15-minute intervals on the PCs) has me stymied for lots of web stuff...too many gates/ it's a long walk down to the town centre.

I'm writing this in a library, it's raining cats and dogs. Trying to find a signal on the laptop with a 'brolly in the playing field was way too much of a challenge! even with two people!

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