Wednesday, December 21, 2005


FIRST FREEWRITE TO KIRK    ramblings that wouldn't separate themselves into orderly piles of air earth fire and water let alone, transcendence

In the beginning was verb
fire danced on water
myriad fireflies etched traces of fire and starlight

in the bayou    crossing the bog
where at water's edge
live coals
sang a reptilian siren call
it's an eat be eaten world
and on it goes

Orion stands on the shelf of the universe,
javelin poised at the ready        

amid the cattails     
ghostly apparitions   
herons in shadows   

light caught by the corners of the eye    
tugging it like a net

as does the nocturnal eye
of the alligator from the swamp   

primordial ooze
ancestral slime
mud swollen     mudbelly dance
lumbering undines
crawling out of the darkness toward the light

marsh dawn orchestrates light
unravels the unheard music of stars
catcall and cough at the edge of night
the night heron stirs

the water alive and breathing
lapping at the shore
like some monstrous leviathan

our hearts race, our breath
etches arias of mist in the cold night air

birds fluttering from the throat of fear   

the night grows ravening shadows
the illusion of river eddy and flow    sweetwater
patterned moonlight ripples
across a tawny carpet of pine needles

the night would grow lonely shadows   
outruns the illusion of river floodwaters
and moonlight circling the trees      saplings   

the predatory eyes
of hunger glow red as coals
while the eyes of fear,
the hunted glow with phosphor luck

fire flame fury magma heart beating earth blood fire
the hunter sun hurls shafts of rainbow light through fog
arrows of light pierce morning mist
meet the water half way

fire hunger in the belly

myriad suns trapped on a rippling net
of shadow and light
bob and dance and disappear
beneath each crest of wavelet

tracks of shore birds scrying
a spell at the interstice of mudflat and shore

fog sea and sky are one thing    wetlands

a breeze luffs the leaves
and Spanish moss
birds test wings against a dawning sky

an allelulah of geese veeing toward the horizon
their atonal song would stop the sun in its tracks
sweeter than the downshift of engine
or bulldozer snore

how then, to hone this amorphous swamp
of words into a prism of thought?
an aria of thought       an aria of the mind      an aria of verb
I am trying on clothing of words
 to dress the dawn
how then to dress the night?
let it dress itself in verb verb verb

evening's painted shadow  canopy of stars

a lure burns beneath the surface
like a ruby ready to burst into flame
bleeds into the retina

from the cove you rise
swift as gulls to the blue ache of sky
trailing sheets of seaweed
as if from the bed

tangle of hair against a pillow of white sand
glacial quartz ground to a fine sugar
ices the wedding of your bare feet
to this shore, this beach

an arcane dance in cadence with the wind       
rhythm admixture of light and wind
sea   liquid and light

languid water     lush heat   
lurking shadow glimmering    
glamoring languid solitude
soothing the meadow's melodic tendrils

swathe the swamp lilies
undertoe and current   
strange solitude of self      swaddled

the music of wind vocalized against bare branch
the wind sings in the branches
to the birds bittersweet woodsap and pine

"when night fell ebony water wept with the moon"  (not my line)
fearless stars speak a muted truth of light and age

A salvation of light dressed
you in mirrored prisms
toe first you disappeared into the mirrored dawn
into the surcease between ebb and flow

waves pull up delicate lace sheets to cover the shore
rollers of pounding surf
gulf equivalences  of air and water
atmosphere  a sphere of air
clattering palm leaves gallop across the eardrum

the sound of crushed shells beneath the foot
royal red and rainbow indigo

horsemen of the apocalypse
apocalyptic cloud and storm
rides across the sea and sky
heavenly roof of fire.

10-12, 2005

this project never got off the ground because I was working in a void, channeling images from Air earth fire and water, plus quintessence but not having any music to bank off of. Kirk was in Miami or Cape Cod and I was in Oakland, not an easy way to collaborate long distance.

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