Tuesday, July 14, 1987

Napa State Hospital Poetry Journal, July 14

Napa State Hospital Poetry Journal, Day 14

Tuesday 7/14. The days are so filled, I barely have time to type up homes for each class, let alone working my own journal.

Michael G stops by and I get him on the computer to rewrite his poems. This time he really got into it, and did some good revising, to the point of overworking it.

Alison's class, Louis, Julie, Christine, Sarah and a new girl. We did a lesson from Kenneth Koch's Wishes, Lies and Dreams. Louis has been writing outside of class. I recognized his poem—it was great but it was  written by Yvonne. Plagiarism is alive and well at Napa. They are wanting positive feedback so they'll even stoop to copying each other's poems, and think I won't notice.

Howard wanted his poems typed up, he's not so paranoid these days, and seems to like them. He has new stitches over his eye. I'm afraid to ask.

Lunch, Linda Wargo and I discuss the poem posters. Her group comes in late. We do a poem based on Wishes, Lies and Dreams. as well.

Some new kids in Floy's class, plus the ones who worked with me before. They know the drill, and get right down to business. I can see the difference already. Rod, Julie, Eric, and Kane—plus a new girl who wrote in Spanish.

Recap: Less time than ever to record the daily events. This afternoon Linda's rehabilitation group (a new group) was still working, when I had another new group join us too. But Marcus wanted my individual attention for a critique, and I said, excuse me, I have a split personality today.

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