Monday, July 6, 1987

Napa State Hospital Poetry Journal, July 6 & 7

7/6, Monday. Call to Kathy Russell, I can't believe I still don't have a contract. Apparently there are two contracts one for 1986/87 fiscal year that goes to June, and one for 87/88 fiscal year which includes July through September. The paycheck should be in the administration office by Thursday afternoon, or so I have been told. Kathy said to wait until Thursday before panicking. I haven't been paid yet. A call to Gail McGovern would be in order.

Kathy Russell said she will try and visit the site the last week in July, 21st to 24th, if there's travel money, if not, she still needs to do a site visit in September, my new schedule. Send her a note about not working in August. Remind her.
7/7 Tuesday recap. Late with Annabelles kids, I can't remember what we did. There was a problem with doing the residency and I'm doing a recap two days later. Not good. Time flies, never a good idea to put off the journal until later.
During lunch I typed up poems trying to catch up. It's so easy to fall behind. 

Afternoon class, five new kids—Louis, Julie and two others are great. We had a hot writing session.

Full day, not enough time even to record the day's events. I had a long critique session with Barry as well. I went home feeling good, despite the fact that I feel so rushed.

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