Monday, July 27, 1987

Dream image: I'm walking the highways of Napa

Dream image: I'm walking the highways of Napa, there are stairs, and canals. I'm making beds and cleaning the rooms, I'm a maid shaking out a rug. A woman invites me in for a cup of tea. And she thanks me for making her bed and cleaning her small rugs.

Then I dreampt an odd turn of phrase:
take all the good lines that were ever written
and then divide them by all the good poems 
that's the definition of the length of a line.

This morning I wake up to discover it's my rug that needs shaking. I am moved by her kindness. I don't know why I wanted to help this stranger. An older, plump mistress of an inn, or a B&B, it's so very Chaucerian. I thought maybe it was an image of me later in life.

Napa Poetry Conference

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