Tuesday, June 24, 1986

CPITS retreat, Calistoga 2

CPITS retreat, Calistoga
6/24/1986 three words per line poem

Three virgin hills,
Islands arising from a deeper blue
where the sea and sky
confuse themselves
with circular distances
and the cloud formation
doesn't just happen to appear
on the horizon
like there was no tomorrow
because today my mind's, a fog,
it's fogged like those sea cliff arches
and no one even knows they're there
but still the wind moans through them
because it's not often one finds a mouth
in such a place as this.
So we go on as they say
this fog to will disappear
with enough heat and pressure
but who's counting keeping counting score?
The Giants won 18 to something
you said in the middle of a conversation.
I feel like leaping from cliff to cliff.
That's about as much logic as we can stand
in a place like this, falling, falling
like snow covered apples,
we tumble into the sea
and float to the horizon
where the sea is returned to blue sky.

added 2/17

I'm not positive about these dates and this would be Monday/Tuesday vs weekend.

to do:
after Rilke

I've been with one fawn with terns

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