Monday, June 23, 1986

CPITS retreat, Calistoga 1

CPITS retreat, Calistoga

Esperaba hasta que alguin pidiera bailar.
She waited for someone to ask her to dance.

The trick is to trap the wild laughter
of the ancestors beneath a fat hill

laughing like fat hills
wild ancestors
trap and trick us
into believing anything.

A stranger knows
how fast lightning
captures the spirit under glass
before we put out the flames.

The magician who travels
to the source knows
the bitter surrender
of the wave to the beach
is central to the struggle.

The resourceful magician who travels
to the center of the earth
will bitterly object
to surrendering
to sand on the beach.

added 2/17
CPITS retreat, Calistoga, from wordcards?

When the greed of horses
strips the fossils of time
from the checkbook of skeletons,
then go to the carnival of books
where the clown of tears
wears a wedding band of fright
under his shawl of death.
There you will find the mask
of fluttering lies has fallen
from the face of the moon. 

added 2/17

Sleeping Gypsy
Ekphrastic poetry

Under a full desert moon
a lion stands guard 
over the sleeping man
dressed in a striped tunic
with a jug and a mandolin at his side

the green sky, like a lake
that feeds the mangrove swamps.

A cold Indian in ceremonial robes
floats on the cloud-studded horizon.

added 2/17

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