Sunday, October 4, 2020

Learning quirks

Jannie Dresser asked about writing in long-hand, she loves the feeling of moving her hand and ink across paper. But at one point, we need to transcribe our  poems from journals to digital format. She asks how we manage. I’m not sure when the transition from journal writing to writing digitally occurred, probably after my 1997 car accident. Was just too difficult to write, yet the rhythm and physical act of writing soothes my soul. It doesn’t help that I have several odd learning quirks including dysgraphia, dyslexia, and some form of aural aphasia. I took calligraphy in college and it helped to iron out some of those kinks. But then I got in a car accident and it all came tumbling back. Perhaps the worst thing was beginning my Latinate words at the third syllable, so I’d have to unwrap my writing like a strange fruit. That’s when I switched over to the Mac. And it was a major revelation, especially the revision part. Pure magic. Like writing writing longhand. My calligraphy has given me elegant handwriting as well. Before, it was very choppy-leaning left, right. I do miss not writing in longhand but I don’t miss the struggle. And lately I’ve taking it a step further, dictation but it is fraught with all kinds of strange errors, and unhappy word combinations I would never dream up in a million years.

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