Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Petrified mouse

I'm nauseous after finding that errant dead mouse. The trap worked, but something fell over it and I didn't realize it had worked. Other than the smell.

Lauren Boyd McLachlan said At least it is not the days of olde where you'd keep it in the event of tooth ache... and apply it to your tooth! 

Toothache? Is that what I did wrong, forgot to apply dead mouse to it instead of getting my crown filled? Would've been a lot cheaper. I do have an earache. Awoke at 3:30 with an earache. Allergy gone awry with a vengeance. I yawn & try & pop my ear but no relief. Think it's a virus declaring itself.  Took Sudafed at 5 AM—just now getting some relief. But SO groggy.

Maureen Carden said One time we found a mummified rat hung up in the coils on the back of our old refrigerator. Our mummified rat looked like it had been there for a long time. We never noticed any smell. I was never one to spend much time dusting behind the fridge which was in the house when we moved in. Rat could have been there then. Ick.

Dusting behind the fridge is SO overrated. The mouse wasn't the only thing that was petrified. I wasn't about to reach in and grab the live trap. I dumped out all the other drawers but not that one as it's so big. Nuking drawer now. Still nauseous. Need a brain windshield wiper to erase the memory of daid dried mouse.

from a Facebook post, added 8/19

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