Wednesday, May 2, 2018


     after Neruda

She used to
braid my hair
in class
like a pony
I was
ground tied.
I couldn't move.
She brushed
and yanked
my hair so hard
it was as if I was
strung up
like a marionette.
The teacher got mad,
said, Leave her
hair alone,
but it was the only way
I could get the girl
to tell me a poem.
She said the wind
is like a rose
flying across my mind.
She said my mind
is like the earth.
She said my heart
is like the sky
playing in a garden of stars.
She said beyond the sky
is my life.
I said only the birds know
the song of the air.
And my hair took flight
across the sky
for a girl
with the name
of flowers.

Emerson ES

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