Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Carpenter bees shred
the sage blossoms trying
to swill sweet nectar.

Angrily they buzz,
squeezing their girth into size
zero red dresses.

Yellow shawl thorax,
taut abdomen shines like jet
beads caked with pollen.

Pollen pantaloons,
fishnet stockings, tiny heels
they're decked out, on the town.

Nectar wasp dangles
delicate honeysuckle
sips frilly blossoms.

The bombadier bee
prefers the tight red trumpet—
it's all about color.

It chases the bees off
No honeybees, no matter
how sweet, will dine here.

No bumblebees either.
Flower market is crowded
with desperate shoppers.

Surreptitious bee-
flies sneak in to steal the show
make off with the goods.

Swallowtail swoops down
to find the pantry empty,
flits off in a huff.

Cabbage moth could care
less, she has other errands
to run, like laying some eggs,

While the skipper flits,
it careens from leaf to flower
just because it can.

Hungry hummingbird
misses out, and lets me know
that it's all my fault,

Squawking and flitting
her tail in indignation,
with ruby throat aflame.

IRATE BEES haiku (see first draft, insect poem, PAD challenge. It just took a while to perk.) I really should try tanka and rengu, but when I get on an OCD counting jag, it's all haiku. FWIW, they were all 5/7/5, I had to force myself to add a couple extra syllables to make the scan better. But I didn't need to. They worked fine, as is, or as was. So now they're entering the realm of looons.

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