Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Someone stole my Honda again

Someone stole my red Honda Civic hatchback again. Neil parked it on the street, sans club, and forgot about it. I thought it was in the garage where it usually is. Since I had just returned from Alexander Valley, all my teaching art supplies and light table were in the car too.

May 29: So far, no good... But Facebook helpfully posted my memory from two year ago, where I got my car back.... Got me all excited for nothing when I read the date.

Does anyone have an older car they could sell, lease, or rent to me? I prefer stickshift & clutch.Yep, probably the same thief as last time. I think it's a girl tweaker. She's broken into the car before.

June 10: Good news: I got it back. Bad news, it needs a starter, and possibly more. More bad news, my insurance company wrote it off as a total loss.... what to do now?  So, Insurance will only pay me $450 for my car after deductible. Then I have to jump through many, many hoops (and pay salvage title fees) if I buy back my car from the insurance company. It will costs about $350 for a new starter, plus mirrors from the junkyard, $100+.Think I'll just keep the car. Do it myself. I think I will kiss the insurance portion goodbye. and not make a claim.

Bad news: I had to pay for towing fee, and storage. Neil never once even apologized, nor stepped up to the plate to pay for the towing fee, though it was his fault it got stolen to begin with.

This is not the first time either. He left my little red Honda SI, Lil Rix, on the street and it got stolen twice, the last time it never came back. No club. Because he lost the club key and had to hacksaw it off the steering wheel. Asking him to replace the club fell on deaf ears.

To replace the jimmied starter is over $350. Luckily I can still drive it, I just can't turn it off into locked position. Neil's latest mistake will cost me $700. Not a peep. Not one fucking peep. Even a casual "sorry" would've sufficed.

Odd news: the thief was a white guy living in the flats on 66th, near International Blvd. He left his car keys (about 30 of them), a Phillip's toothbrush (sans brush, to jiggle the starter lock and start the car), and a bench warrant for his arrest in San Jose. Not. Very. Smart. Oh, and a shiv. I turned it all over to the Oakland Police. They looked into it, but it was inconclusive. Chain of evidence.

Not only did he take most of my art supplies, including 36 4x6" portrait mirrors I use to teach self-portraits to kids, (no way to replace them), he took most of my car clothes, some cool pillows I had gotten for Peggy Maddock as a thank you present for letting me stay at her house while teaching, a sleeping bag (but not the mate), all my toiletries and make-up, my EpiPen, tools, chargers, etc. And a bag full of toiletry kits I had made up for homeless women. And my front window screen! Grrrr. Doubly fucked, I am.

The thief missed the wine stashed under the passenger seat... Think I need a drink.

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