Saturday, April 30, 2016


               —for Mimi Fariña

                April 30, 1945-July 20, 2001

Sweet Mimi. I once brought
her a childish bouquet of wild irises
plucked from beneath the cypress
in our lower garden, not knowing
it was her birthday—she was moved to tears,
saying she thought everyone had forgotten.

I was embarrassed, but also pleased
knowing that sense of diminishment
and loss when a birthday goes unnoted.
A small spur-of the-moment gesture
became something much larger.
Her eyes welled as she set those irises
by the photo of her long-dead husband.

Whenever I see wild irises I think of her.
I like to think she returns to us each spring,
a white dove circling the long-armed ridges
and slopes where Mt. Tamalpais sings.


Happy Birthday, Mimi Fariña.

So how did Getty Images get their hooks on  this photo. It wasn't theirs. That's for sure.

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