Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spelunking for Gold

Silly squirrel hid several acorns in the gaudy green water goblet I wedged atop the wooden fence as a drought relief aid for small creatures. Cats, bees, wasps, even butterflies sip from it—and an occasional 'possum or rat leaves a calling card.

The red east coast squirrel, may not be native, but he's my most loyal customer. He has nowhere else to go to find water. Because of the drought, people's birdbaths and fountains are dry, leaky faucets are a thing of the past. We've all cinched down our belts during this fourth year of drought.

What's a squirrel to do? The lake is too far away, and with several busy roads to cross, long-distance travel never bodes well for for squirrels and other small creatures. If the water glass gets low, he peers into the kitchen window, and impatiently flicks his tail, as if to say, Hey, you. I'm tawkin' to you. I'm outta water, here! 

Squirrel is on his third iteration of water bowl. The crystal glass cast beautiful reflected prisms—not that he ever noticed—came crashing down. As did the pint beer glass. See, he stores his acorns in the water dish, but they always sink to the bottom. He thinks water is a solid.

I had to anchor this goblet well with boards and long nails, because every morning the squirrel rubs and stokes his chin along it as if it were Alladin's lamp, saying: Mine. All mine. Squirrel doesn't want to share. 

Last night, Squirrel had a change of heart, fearing for the safety of his buried treasures, he retrieved them all, save for one green acorn, which had already split, and was beginning to sprout. Acorns don't float. I bet he nearly half-drowned in the process of spelunking for his hidden gold. There's no water in the goblet. I bet at least his head is squeaky clean.

first draft
Silly squirrel hid several acorns in the gaudy green water goblet I wedged atop the fence. He has a change of heart, retrieves them all, save one, and nearly half-drowned in the process of spelunkering for gold.

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