Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Living Between Worlds

Tonight I bring my angst and steal chocolate cake abandoned in the hallway because I forgot to eat. Again. When I get hungry it's always too late. Sort of like my life. Always feeling inadequate, always feeling late. Always wishing I had a bit more time. So I rewrote my homework in my head. There was a wreck on the highway and I was sitting in traffic anyway. Trainwreck between storms. We've been cleaning out my grandmother's house and since it was my home too, I'm finding things from the past. A time capsule spanning decades. Among my grandfather's papers, receipts for guns purchased for the revolution. The sheriff's ID card. He had a foot in two worlds. My first communion veil, prayer book with latch, the tiny silver spoons I brought back from Holland. Windmills frozen in time. We joust at the past, both antiquated and precious. But the dark side includes all the chaos, the randomness. What we make of our lives as we plow through it, and then time gives us the new order of things. Seeking relevance I did not expect to find the broken pieces of the self neatly scissored and stored in plastic bags amid the news of the day. I was that girl, that artist, that writer. Keeping vigil. Meanwhile, the streets are filling with angst, a storm brewing, brewing, gathering in. The 'choppers slicing the air above my head, we are living in a police state. We are living between worlds.

Our Stories- Creativity, Writing and Storytelling for Educators class at Alameda County Office of Education, Aimee Suzara, instructor

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