Thursday, July 3, 2014

Grey water diaries

I spent the afternoon putting punky wood curbs in along the retaining wall to curb the recycled shower water I use to water the beets and future chardlets. I also found a few forks in the flower bed. Knackered. Tresseme lettuce anyone? Chard conditioner?

It's hotter than a frying pan outside.

Meanwhile, in Napa, another 1200 acres went up in smoke since yesterday. Evacuation orders are still in place. The fire is now at 4,300 acres. (As of last night it was 3,400 acres, or six square miles). That's almost 7 square miles of fire. You can see the column of smoke from Oakland. Evacuation orders are still in place as 1,067 firefighters work to contain the fire in Butts Canyon. We're not out of the woods yet. I'm thinking that we need many more firefighters or this is going to turn into another Yosemite Rim fire. All this, because some doucheguy was cutting weeds with a mower with metal blades during the drought.

And here I am with my drop in the bucket brigade saving every drop for the miniscule garden.

added, revised  7/17

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