Saturday, July 5, 2014

baby bluebird (photos)

Today, a baby bluebird fell from his nest and landed at my feet. So much for picking raspberries.

He wasn't quite ready to leave the nest. He still had his baby down. He's got his feet wrapped around my thumb as a security blanket. I was Mom for an hour while he snuggled in the curve of my neck—expecting me to feed him.

A couple of rough flight attempts. Tough logistics. He got stuck on the ground and turned into a feathered mouse. But his parents were so distraught we had to do something. 

A ladder. A tall young man, a solution—and the little beggar was sent packing back to his nest. Not that he wanted to go back.

Any nest in a storm.

Hand as nest.

He still had his baby down. 

Ok, now feed me.

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