Saturday, September 15, 1990



Four peaches on a windowsill
gather in the morning sun
the plastic nest is more air than bag.
Amiga, the dog, gives me her left paw
to shake hands, yet another howdy-do.
My thoughts flee as Michael whistles,
talking to her. We rise late
tranquility eminates from the adobe walls
such round earth terms
pleasing to the eye
and the cerulean window frame
the exact color of the sky
where nests four peaches 
the color of adobe.

9/90 date?
Santa Fe, NM

Michael Hammond,  Lucia's son
I also went to New Mexico with Celia Woloch in 1992 / 93, so there's a crossover of poems.

My New Mexico poems with Celia are here: Sept. 1993

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