Saturday, March 20, 2010

L'il RIX

Spent the day jumpstarting & detailing L'il Rix, my retired '87 Honda SI since Neil's car was stolen and is in the shop—it's still backless & dashless—& he keeps borrowing my car, leaving me housebound. And you know how I hate housework. I forgot what a gas L'il RIX is to drive. Pedal to the metal—it's as fast as my Three Bars mare at the quarter mile. Cheetahs & race horses, move over, L'il RIX is back in town.

It was all those fast horses I rode as a kid... Nuthin' quite like riding the world's fastest horse at the quarter mile—bareback. It was like riding a rolling barrel. The old railroad bed below Shafters that led int Samuel P Taylor Park had a good straightaway.
L'il RIX has a powerful thirst upon himself—he needs a little brake fluid. Should I tell Neil (who's driving it)? Or surprise him?

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