Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dead Man's Curve

I once had to draw a before & after drawing for the old quarry on Hwy 116. First drawing was with a hitchhiker. Second drawing with a hitchhiker's skeleton! Clients loved it.  The quarry pretty much wound up how I projected it. Those backroads were my home roads—we knew every twist & bend of the roads and what the curve would hold—acceleration-wise. 

One time, one of my steering column bolts broke going down to Muir Woods. The first bolt cracked on White's Hill. Only one bolt between me & God. Had to back up a lot to make it back around the curves with such a wide swishy steering range! The real Dead Man's Curve is in Lagunitas, past the church, before Kenneth Rexroth's old place. A good thing I didn't attempt it.

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