Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Requiem

In Requiem for all our San Geronimo Valley and 60s Lagunitas School District (LSD) classmates:
LSD Class of '66

Barbara Wilson
Mark Peacock
Mike Frank St. Cecelia's altar boy
Johnny Kaufman St. Cecelia's altar boy
Scott Weaver
Scott Huntsman is alive an well, I an glad to report.

Neil Kondratieff

Contrary to popular belief, Steve Tristano, whom we believed to be dead for years, is alive and well and living in Oregon. This I found out after I wrote a piece on his father, blind jazz great, Lenny Tristano for Oops! Well Steve was tapped by the grim reaper in 2015? But lived a good long life.

Richmond Young, leading man to my debut as Julia in Stu Rasmussen's play, "San Geronimo!" LSD class president, died of AIDS.

Then there were other Valley Folks whose passing I missed as well:

Judy Soga (survived by her sister Kathy); Old Man Soga weighing in a 500 pounds and his big bad-ass Cadillac

I thought it was St. Cecelia's altar boy Mark de Rutti who was murdered by the Zebra Killer. Not his brother. Surely not two murders in one family?
I'm sure there were more ODs—it WAS the 60s!
Then there were the 60s implants—the musicians hitching north who got stuck in Forest Knolls.

Jerry Garcia & far too many other rock musicians
Janis Joplin—we used to hear her sing at Barbano's

And the Old Timers:

The Barbano girl who was murdered in Mexico; I will never forget Old Man Barbano who shot himself in his grief—the first dead man I ever saw (but not the last) wheeled out on a gurney as we came home from school. All that red and white.

And Mrs Barbano, who taught me how to swim at the age of 10 in a salt water pool.

Cal Davis, I guess Helen Davis too...

Speck MacAuliff and his bar, burnt to the ground.

Mr DeLacy who ran the Lagunitas Store & gave us penny candies.

Kenneth Rexroth, his wife, Marie–we used to see her in church.

The Howards—Ken & Mary, both together and separately.

Father Connery.

Lew Welch. Grover Sales. Old Man Gregg who got his daughter Linda's friend, Jack Gilbert to show he was a real man, not some soft poet, to fell a pine tree but it went horribly wrong and Jack wound up in a wheelchair.

Teddy Roosevelt (Argentina House), José Revere, Alexander Graham Bell who set up the first telephone at the Dollar Ranch. Napoleon's brother... Samuel Taylor & his white mule Barnaby.

Mrs O'Lallie who gave my grandmother daphne & lily of the valley to replant in her garden.

Jennie & Bernard Reilly, my grandparents at Coom an Or.
Feilim, Bill, Myles, my uncles; Maureen, my mother
Ellen and John Budjick (2nd cousins) on Tamal Road right below the Greggs.
Henry Bennican who remodeled our house on Barranca and fell off the roof.

Agnes & Lucien Vincilione, neighbors.
Mary & Mario Bianchi, she married him after his brother who died of mushroom poisoning; she used to feed me sponge cake after school.
I guess Joe Bianchi is now on the list too....
Don Yurian, my aunt's best friend. he was like James Dean.
Dean de la Montaña the milkman & his white convertible. He was like Dean Martin.

Larry Moulton who rebuilt Forest Knolls only to have an arsonist burn it down again. So much of our historic Valley went up in smoke.

Patrick & Betty Wall, neighbors, parents of my best friend.

Uncle Bill Dinsmore & his breathalizer.

Old Man Latindorf (German Consulate-when war broke out he fled, and my grandfather stood in as Consul; we once found a Nazi knife up the top of our hill...)

Mrs. Decker, and her dog, Lorna, Guide Dogs for the Blind, who died in the fire

My best friend, Stephanie Stone, her mother, Johanna Stone who also died in the fire. Russian Mimi, Johanna's mother: I never knew her last name—but they gave me the urge to travel to Russia.

Old Man Nunes and his pet buffalo, Nickel, Mrs Nunes who gave me fresh chocolate chip cookies when I rode past the house on horseback up to the fire station.

Klaus Kinski who ran me and a lame dog, Becky off our traditional playground (Mt. Barnabe) with a shotgun. Is Orr still alive? He was another shootist. New interlopers to the Valley closing off the land and the public access fire roads illegally, RIP.

All our dead horses. Chiquita, rescued from the glue factory, Becky Dart, a Three Bars racehorse mare—fastest horse in the Valley at the quarter mile. Baby Snooks—a hore my aunts and mother rode, hhe was too mean for me. Steph's Gay Girl, Asus, Sununu and the donkeys. Mr. Smits, the stunted bull calf we rode anyway because he thought he was a pony...all my Shetland ponies, aka the little shits, as they were regular Houdinis at escaping.

All the oak trees that are succumbing to sudden oak death. I could go on, but maybe someone else will "remember."

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