Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sorcha Fragment

On a far distant Island on the other edge of the known world, a girl lay on a bright pile of mown hay, thinking of the tale the visiting seanchaí had told them around the hearth the night before. The sun drowsed her into that limnal state between waking and sleeping. The wind was like loose silk on her skin. She imagined it whispering—sometimes she could almost understand what it was saying. Something about Sorcha. A kingdom of light. Was it the wild geese flying overhead in a vee-formation that trapped her daydream in their net of air?

PS For what it's worth, the spambots are onto my new posts like flies on shit. To wit, this fragment of an unfinished post was spammed in less than 12 hours after posting. So sorry that you cannot post a comment in most places at this point—I keep closing the loopholes as they sniff the comments out. No way to turn them all off—only one by one. That's about 300 posts.

PPS I found a new setting that wasn't in my Blogger settings before that allows me to put a captcha puzzle in the comments page. I also no longer allow "Anonymous" posts. as that was a real culprit. Someone please post a comment so I can see if it works!

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