Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home from the Scottish Games at the Queen Mary

Home again, jiggity-jig—from the Scottish Games at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

As I taught kids silk painting in the parking lot, someone stole one of my display scarves—part of an air earth fire water mural quartet that SF Tenderloin teachers painted with me ages ago. Yes, the scarf was tied down—well it WAS a butterfly! The irritating thing is, I'd just taught her how to paint on silk. Classic case of misdirection. Thing is, because they're done by students—no one thinks to steal them. I had it well anchored with clothes pins and it was also tied down, and it was there the entire day (despite the wind)—until the two girls came back...

The Queen Mary was cramped but so very art deco in rose & gray appointements. Men of Worth, a great duo, with Donald McDonald played in the Queen's Ballroom Friday night; someone requested one of my fave songs: Ralph McTell's Streets of London. Kenneth McKennen from the Isle of Skye... Portree—recorded Neil O'Neill at a set for Gaelic Radio—on an iPod! Neil sang in English but I could've sung in Irish—had he known! Note all the double-barrel names! LOL!

Meanwhile, across the Long Beach channel, TEDTalks were in an uproar. Keynote Sarah Silverman got all potty-mouthed & then stuck their nose in the goo. If TedTalks wanted—er—scuttlebutt, they should've hired The Big Yin as keynote.Billy Connolly may be crrrude, rrrude but he's also hilariously funny!

Speaking of crappers, Queen Mary, built on the Clydebank in 1930, has John Shanks in every stateroom. Neil was over the moon—more like mooning all the loos all made in his native Johnstone. He gleefully kept flushing the toilet like a mad dog—you had to step on a winch that read John Shanks on the porcelain knob.
Mr. Shanks' fixtures are a fixture.

The hot and cold knobs say Hot Salt and Cold Salt. Imagine washing up in salt water. Not such a luxury after all.

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