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Letter from Macha on Padraigin MacGullicuddy

On 11/20/08, I wrote to Macha/Aline:

Did you ever find out anything more about Pádraigín? I read your 2006 blog. When did she die? Is Jim Duran still in Galway? Such old memories.... (I grew up in Forest Knolls.) See A Genius of Poets

On Nov 20, 2008, at 6:42 PM, M. Macha NightMare wrote:

Hi Maureen,

As far as I know, Pádraigín died in Ireland within the year before our visit ('06). Jim Duran, who lives right above the Spanish Arch in Galway, told  me. He's still there. He was here for a visit a few months ago and I was lucky enough to spend an evening with him. Was he your Gaelic teacher?

Since blogging about Pádraigín, I've gotten a phone call from her sister Caitlin in Forestville (very drunk, and not much of a fan of Pádraigín), and finally managed to get a contact for her daughter, Kerry. Evidently Pádraigín also has a brother named Cornelius.

Her son, Sean, committed suicide some years before Pádraigín returned to Ireland. His fiancée was a mutual friend of a friend of mine, and this former fiancée had some family photos she didn't want to throw away. She wanted to get them to someone in Pádraigín's family. I think she made contact with Caitlin.

Only recently I got a comment from Kerry on my blog, with her email, except that blogspot blocked it out. A few weeks ago I got a postcard from her with her email.

I have emails for Jim, Caitlin and Kerry, if you want them. Also have contacts for Sharon Devlin and Sean Folsom, if you happen to know that crowd of old Institute of Celtic Studies folks.

Are you familiar with Patricia Monaghan, Elizabeth Cunningham or Annie Finch? They're part of the Black Earth Institute in Wisconsin. (google it). Fabulous Irish-American poets all!

Do you still live in Northern California? I live in San Rafael.

I have many Hurley relatives. ;-)


Macha (aka Aline O'Brien)

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M. Macha NightMare, P&W

From: mohurley
Subject: Re: Padraigin MacGullicuddy
Date: November 22, 2008

Macha/ Aline,

Did you ever live on the Russian River? For years, I used to coordinate a weekly poetry series there at Garbo's in Guerneville. There was an Aline I lost touch with.

I grew up wild in Forest Knolls and moved to, get this, Forestville. I've been in Oakland for 11 years.

I probably met Pádraigín through Jim Duran. He was the one who encouraged me to study Gaelic. How many languages does the man speak anyway? I remember he was at Fort Ord and spoke several African languages as well.

Last time I saw him was at LAX in 83 or 84, we were heading to Guatemala and ran into him at the luggage carousel. Weirdly my boyfriend John Oliver Simon also knew him—as Jaime!

He organized a reading for us at Angel's Gate in San Pedro. I remember standing with him along the cliffs north of the harbour when he began to unfold his life story, it was pretty fantastical. I'd love his email.

I ran into Pádraigín in a SF restaurant with a bunch of Irish women after Finnegan's Awake, (I think).  Jennifer Stone, among them. Used to see her at lots of events. Breeda Courtney knew her as well...

Caitlin in Foresville? Hmmm I wonder if I met her, I met so many people in those days, (daze) so many roads intersected and overlapped that after a while it became a blur.

The Russian River was an interesting place to be in the late 1970s and 1980s. I met all manner of folks famous and formerly famous...including the lead singer from It's a Beautiful Day, a gorgeous blond guy with the voice of an angel reduced to pumping gas at the Guerneville station...fallen from grace...Madame Blavatsky's sister...very Russian! John Prine's brother: I learned John's songs from him...May Sarton's sister came to the series for a while...I could go on....

Living in the moment, we never thought it would end, then AIDS struck the gay community and it foundered. Peter Pender, chess champ, Leonard Matlovitch who made the cover of Times: Military comes out of the closet...that's how I found out Hoover was gay. Something Thorman???...the guy who founded Gold's Gym, a real piece of work... Bill, the first Marlborough Man lived in the cabin across from me....(whod'a thunk that handsome cowboy hunk on horseback we saw on all the billboards and back of magazine covers, was gay. The KS ravaged his beautiful face...

Wow, methinks there's a log in progress here!! I'm trying to blog daily but I constantly fall off the wagon...prose tires head hurts yet the urge to tell stories is so strong...(you might want to check out what I've already written if you're interested in Marin stories....)

Adair Lara (Daly) and I grew up together and she's writing a memoir about growing up "Valley Rat? too. My blog is headed in that direction as well... I just learned how to put pix in my blog yesterday...with Picasa. So now I need to find pix for my older blogs. I only started writing in August 2007, but, seeking continuity, I backdated a lot of the older work. It's forced me to delve deep.

Sharon Devlin, I first met her at the big Irish exhibit at the De Young, probably that's where I met Jim. See, my granny was the only one there who could actually READ the Book of Kells, so we drew quite an audience! Someone came up and asked if she could read it...she snorted, "Of course I can. It's in Latin!" As if everybody could read Latin. Sharon had a baby, my grannie fussed over her as Sharon played the harp...

I don't know if Sharon and Sean Folsom would even remember me ...I went back several times as they played in the foyer every day....that's how I met Lief too...we corresponded for a while and traded some Hebridean mouth music tapes...I should try & find them, Wonder if they'll even play?

slan leat
aka The Morrighan!

Hey, I didn't name myself on that one! Someone else did. I would much rather have been called Macha of the horses, or even Epona.... but war goddess works. That I am...

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