Saturday, November 4, 2000

Brigid monolog outline

Subj: Brigid monolog
Date: 11/04/00


Below is the structure I envision for my Brigid piece, and the first piece which I performed (bu it doesn't incorporated the structure...since that's newer). The challenge is working within a structure when I'm not sure what impetus is needed to carry a monolog of this length (10--15 minutes...seems like an eternity).

BRIGID I envision a ninefold story in three movements, as it were.

1, Brigit as mythological goddess Creatrix

a) maker of the earth --only she can hear the earth singing--mantle NSEW
b) as morning star/fire venus / love
3) as darkness/chaos (not sure of this aspect)

2 Brigit as saint

a) childhood Curragh north
b) sainthood Kildare west east wales Ffraid fight w/ imposter in Sweden?
c) death Ulster??? not sure of this aspect

3 Brigit as mortal

a) as changeling invoke Brigid Cleary, little brigit/fairies
b) shiva/kali Bridie Murphy story
c) ?? tying in w/ Ulster and the red hand....destruction of the earth/ozone

Then I can work in something on the line of L Gregory's "You have taken the north from me, the south from me--that fabulous poem in Huston's The Dead....

Any other ideas gratefully sought.

as to costume:

wig/crown w/20 cantles (xmas lights)... her mantle...I've some silk pieces I've made, with tendrils hidden beneath it, spreading as she spins to claim the earth.... not just the Curragh. And the evil that escapes to the sea (Bres/Fomorii) will haunt our own polluted earth. Alpha/omega: ourobouros. At closure, she lifts her red hand to the audience saying "read the hand..." (I borrowed that from Heaney...)

(I edited out much of the middle saint/mortal section out during my performance; part three is very weak as I didn't have an ending, and didn't know where to go with it. What is of interest? What has potential? (It ran away with me, I need to bridle it but first I need a bridle!)

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