Friday, September 17, 1993


Flying over the White Mountains
pines older than Christianity
flock the hills
in a sand lake, an island,
and islands of sand ships in the sand, 
like the sea of Azov
dendritic memory of dry riverbeds
the pale alluvium
most recent in memory
heading toward the sink hole below sea level
sand lakes remnants of oceans,
polyps and blooming coral, another kind of garden
that bloomed in the blood of our mother, the sea,
she is the first goddess to both emerge
and to give up her bounty
The Mojave with its green circles,
green coinage grows corn on the mother
on the other side of the rainshadow
sedimentary layers layed down 
like a ribbon cake from the air
it looks as if nothing grows in the pockets of canyons
the turquoise resevoirs, 
truly jewels in the desert
ghost cities layed out like Nazca lines
geometric knotwork of someone's failed dreams
but mirages are to the desert as waves are to the ocean.
We try so hard to leave our mark,
sometimes we leave it without knowing it.
Across Nevada, fault blocking,
we are flying along one long parallel valley
granite alluvium and bursting forth
cinnamon and ochre sandstone
a large city Reno?
a finger lake with fractaline shores
geometric complexity of the land
or is the is Arizona? Las Vegas? the stars?
no vertical history timeless geology
the rivers eat time    the Grand Canyon
the muddy Colorado, a hungry snake devouring the natal rock
like an old man seeking the fountian of youth
it eats ever deeper
coming back to a time when the earth was young.
It eats time the hungry beast
soon it will devour itself
becaus it eats through the earth's crust,
to the heart of the mother,
lava sensibilities hidden in the depths
give no clue to the passion
Set in stone, time itself is fluid
cracks in the earth, fissures in the soul
a lone dissident mountain the Rockies?
Why do I marvel so, the topography of the earth
varied skin of the mother
mysterious deep names for the earth
vermillion cliffs, Rainbow Plateau
from the air Glen Canyon and Hole in the Wall
recognizable from the air: Utah   Four Corners
canyon fringe, the plateau like lace
the landscape resonates
First Mesa, 2nd Mesa  Hopi lands  Navajo Lands
Kaiporowitz to the north
according to the map, Canyon de Chelly coming up
line across the earth in resonating patterns.
What do they mean? Power line visible from space?
Defiance Pleateau. How big, and utterly defiant
the land must've seemed to those crossing by wagon
no woonder they brought camels to the desert
Now the land has become less distinct. unified
It is an amalgum like the people who settled America.
We are flying over Acoma,
the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US
Coronado came here looking for gold 
and flund only the uninhabited cities 
of the Anasazi, the Old Ones.
Gold enough.

San Francisco to Albequerque

I went to NM 2 x, once with Lucia Hammond in 1991, and later with Celia Woloch in 1993

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