Wednesday, June 13, 1979


From a Diane di Prima workshop, collagraph, Altar Book, SF Zen Center, June 13, 1979

Clearly my early mythic phase. Doubt if I'll type it up. I couldn't bear to leave it as is. stet. Diane was writing about gems and rocks in Loba, and I guess it rubbed of. Another poet in the class, Judith Bollnger, paid me to calligraph her poem as well. And I also did the cover.

Diane led another workshop on Gertrude Stein in August, and in September robert Duncan led a workshop—which I may have taken, or I went to the reading. I remember all of us loitering on a street corner, and me chanting: Often I am Called Unto a Meadow.

I used to hand-calligraph all my poems, which was an interesting process for revision, as you had to become rather contemplative in order to calligraph. Sometimes there were inadvertent changes to the poems if my mind wandered. I have not yet found my old folders with my calligraphed early poems. But I still have boxes of paper to process, and a file cabinet. Please let my early work be there. It's not in digital format.


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