Friday, March 24, 2017

Viral meanderings

I'm bouncing (more like crawling) back from round two, or is it round three? of a pesky virus (each iteration brings a different smorgy of symptoms), and I need to soak. What is the best place to soak in the East Bay, or North? It's been so long since I've had a decent soak, I'm out of touch. I used to go to the Hot Tub in Berkeley, long ago. Haven't had a decent bath since 2014. Except for an occasional foray into a hotel hot tub. Last hot spring soak was at Kehoe Hot Springs, and Tecopa hot springs (here) April 2016. A bit far to go for a soak.

I boiled several pots of water and climbed into the tub (our hot water heater is a tepid water heater, at best. Need temporarily avoided. I lasted all of 15 minutes,i was in the tub for less time than it took to heat the bath. Such a wimp. But I think it did the trick. I feel like an udon noodle. But I still feel guilty using that much water even though the drought's over. Old habits die hard. We'll be heading LV way at the end of April. I think an overiute in Tecopa is in order.

This virus was weird, I got traditional cold symptoms and aches on round one (Feb 13). But I breezed thru it in under a week, only to get round 2 on Mar 18-21 (horrific) to today... is still under a week. But what a week. This bout, not hungry at all... terrible sore throat. Better today. But I slept until 1 PM after waking up at 6 -8 AM. I never sleep in. Wed nite was so bad (sore throat) I awoke at 3 AM and didn't go back to sleep. So I was several hours behind the times on sleep to say the least.

Facebook friends gave me a list of possible places to soak.

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