Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cut my Hair

So today, I whacked off my hair to shoulder length, I'm now 30 pounds lighter, and my head is in danger of flying off my neck. I'm looking a little poodley around the edges. All that curl weighted down by yard-long hair. Boing! It was well past my waist and I have a long back.

I warned it to behave. Repeatedly. I got tired of detangling it every morning, at best it resembled dreadlocks, or a hornet's best. As someone said, A messy kitchen.

And my hair was getting thin because of the constant tangles. No matter how careful I was combing it out. For a while, I was out of my hair product, and used commercial shampoo, which made my hair strands thin, and even more flyaway, and prone to tangling. Hair that long dated back to the first Clinton inauguration.

I'm sure I will mourn its loss, but I was so tired of it all. I reached around back to hold my hair, to comfort myself, but it wasn't there. LOL. My familiar has left me. New beginnings. I put my ponytail into a birchwood box laden with turquoise and coral. I said a small requiem to the past. I put on my pantsuit jacket, and I voted for Her.

I haven't had my hair this short since the 1980s! I'm sure others will still perceive it as long. Here's hoping it'll come in healthier.

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