Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Power management engineer

My Apple wifi keyboard has been freaking out because I refuse to change the batteries, I get lots of helpful popup windows, and tutorials on how to change the batteries just in case I'm not clear on the concept.

At battery level at 10%, so far, I've managed to eke out at least three months worth of juice; it's now at 5% charge, I'm working on my 2nd month of dying batteries, and it hasn't dropped down to, say, 3%. So those dire warnings are some serious malarkey. It does cut out from time to time, but it always did.  I do, however, get odd letters and artifacts whenever I type.

If I have to use batteries at all, I'm gonna use them until the bitter end. And even when the end is nigh, they're good fr a couple of months on my wifi mouse, then the kitchen clock gets 'em. In that order.

My cameras get first battery dibs, BTW. Keyboard gets 2nd battery dibs, along with the flashlights. Anyone else eke out every available bit of energy from batteries? I get 2-4 separate life cycles out of them.

Alas, the rechargeables (or cheap/regular batteries) will not work at all in my cameras...that's how I got into this bizarre battery management system to begin with.

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