Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Costa Mesa Highland Games

We're heading down to the Costa Mesa Highland Games tomorrow, Neil plays several gigs Sat & Sun. MAY 23/-24 at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Irvine, CA.

We'll be in LaLaLand all week. Anyone wanna meet up MTW? We will be at Mad Men screening/panel Wed eve. SAG/AFTRA awards event, Director's Guild of America, Sunset/Melrose. Reception & discussion followed by Q & A with the season's 5 directors. We might be able to take two more people.

Wed AM: Cafe Primo for lunch Mark Adler? Virginia Rae-Kane? Marina Gennadievna Verenikina? Fatmir Doga? James Harper? (Or meet up any time Tues?) Also need a place to stay MTW.

(Like most of that ever happened. Best laid plans. Not for lack of trying, I hate LA. Neil loves it and always has grandiose plans of meeting up with someone famous. You know the swagger of egotistical males. THinks he's going to break into Hollywood. Always wants to extend his stay in Hollywood, and I"m just miserable. I hate the heat, the reflected light, the noise, the car exhaust. Neil and I fought like cats and dogs all the way home. Only respite was stopping off at James Dean's memorial site in Cholame. Then I began to pack up my stuff upon returning home, jettisoning most of my belongings. Another death of sorts.)

James Dean Memorial on Highway 46

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