Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anasazi ruin, Mystery Valley, Kayenta, AZ (photo)

Anasazi ruin, Mystery Valley, near Kayenta, AZ. (Next door to Monument Valley). At the base, a makeshift altar has developed, filled with pottery shards. To get to this canyon is a journey unto itself. There is a petroglyph story wall on the DeChelly sandstone to the right. I cannot decode it. The pueblo was once inhabited by the Kayenta Anasazi, who also settled Monument Valley. I don't know its name. We call this place Navajolands, but this place wasn't Navajo territory in 1500 AD.
In Navajo, 'Ana'í means alien, enemy, foreigner, or non-Navajo. A veiled insult. The Navajo became the enemy of the Pueblo people who left piles of small corn husks and broken pots behinds when they fled. Perhaps the story wall is an exodus story, after the rains failed. I am glad we're here alone in this canyon, without a Navajo guide. It seems wrong to bring an ancestral enemy here.

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