Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dread virus and earthquakes

The dread virus is back. It hit last night like freight train—with a vengeance. Aches & chills. My hands ache too, so even typing is challenging. It's a nightmare of a virus. The other night I was coughing so hard my ribs hurt. Now I'm merely voiceless.

I feel like Cesar Vallejo's Thursday poem in the rain. They beat him hard with a stick... I hurt so much last night from every joint, I dreamed in B&W, about the strength of earthquakes robbing all color from the world. Most of my dreams are muted. Rarely do I have B&W dreams. Especially ones that make a point of going from color to B&W like a slow strobe.

So there really was a 3.0, earthquake at 7 Am, with the epicenter in San Leandro, on the Hayward Fault. So I wasn't dreaming after all. I thought it was the virus. OK, then, the quake was practically under my pillow. I found some kitchenware knocked on floor. An apple went gamboling about. Some plastic bowls fell off shelf and an avocado went on walkabout on the kitchen floor. And there was another earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in Soledad. Carry on. Where's my cough syrup? My hot toddy?

added, rev. 3/2017

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