Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cat sitting the turtles

Time to go pet the pussies—I'm CATsitting! They each get an hour of special lap time a day. The turtles, no. They stay in their scummy little tupperware pond. But they will get fed today. Yes. Nice, freeze-dried red worms. Yum. With pond scum for green leafy veggies. Cats are eying turtles as potential kitty treats. Talk about a movable feast. They're quite the head bangers against the glass wall when it comes to the mere thought of food. Turtles are both out of the pond craning their necks watching my every move as I surf, they KNOW I shortchanged them on the mealworms. Extra bits of turtle food didn't fool them. Sort of like drooling corgies begging at the dinner table. Think I'll go tickle some slow loris. More exciting. Kitties are too jacked up on catnip to settle in for laptime. Turtles are restless too. Who knew they liked catnip? Well, I got my lap back, after Spartan gave himself a good going over, even washing my cashmere sweater in the process. Wow, talk about prime real estate! Spartan no sooner leaves when Nellie settles in for her nap. Makes it hell to hold the laptop as said lap is already occupied. I need an iPad. OMG! Spartan jumped up on the window sill but lost traction & Nellie jumped about a foot straight up off my lap I was laughing so hard. Now he’s sulking because I laughed at him. She’s not too happy either.

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