Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My old poems from the 1980s-90s



I suddenly realized the reason why I never posted most of my old poems in this blog was because I had no logical order by which to post them.

For a while, I posted old poems amid the new ones, by month date—that quickly became problematic as I didn't have enough years to post them in as my blog began in 2007. Sometimes I posted poems thematically as well, leading to double postings.

Then I tried capitalizing poem titles. That didn't work out well. I had also typed old articles with caps. Then I tried using the word "poem" as a tag. Fail.

I still can't find anything as I can't remember the names—Poem titles are so arbitrary sometimes. I've noticed that my more recent poems don't actually have titles—especially if they were from a writing prompt. and I discovered that I actually miss not having access to my old poems.

Having them locked away on a hard disk isn't working out so well either. I won't mention how a cloning accident LOCKED me out of all my back-up hard drives and that it took a seven month wait for me to find a solution using BatChmod commands. (Thank you Chris Breen!)

Then I discovered that all my pomes, in Word 5 have picked up off artifacts and symbols, under the watchful eye of Snow Leopard and a 64-bit processor. I wasn't expecting that. Files fast turning into Unix scrabble. Uh-oh. Better dust them off while I can stiil open them. Some are missing words and lines. 

Worse, some of the poems were still under Classic environment, whether Word 4, or Works 4—so the only way I can open them is in TextEdit in ASCII code. Huge cleanup involved. Actually anything I composed in Works 4 I can no longer open. I'd have to find an OS 9 Mac to save those files.

I guess this is my attempt to get my poems into the Cloud. I was saving them in a proverbial shoebox, saving them for a great poetic sendoff to magazines, virgin poems. But who am I kidding? No one wants to publish my poetry. Or make a book. Tired of asking, begging. I suppose I'll go to the grave, bookless. Except the insane oeuvre here in the iCloud. Catch and release. Feels weird to dust the poems off to the light of day after so many years. I can't believe I didn't date most of my work. Another cleanup chore with hard copy. I also need to add a publishing pedigree on many of them. If only I could find my hard copy mss.

What I really need is an alphabetical listing system.

AK, yer not gonna believe this, but now I can backpost on Blogger all the way to 1970. I accidentally entered the wrong date. and I was able to post previously to 2007, when I founded this blog. This is great for all my 2000-2006 pieces. This also means it will be a lot of work moving those pieces. 

Oy oy oy! after all the work I've done moving all my old poems to 2008?

7/17/2014  Most of the old poems are finally more or less in numeric order. No dates on a lot of my old work. In some cases I was able to sleuth the dates, in other cases, I put them in a general time frame—usually Jan 1, 19xx. Hopefully at a later date I'll be able to finalize the order. 

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