Saturday, May 15, 2004

3 Hams at a Bread & Roses Party at the Nagy's

Bread & Roses Party at Toby & Phil Nagy's, Piedmont, CA.
Will Durst, Maureen Hurley & Michael Pritchard  May, 2004?

Michael Pritchard Director to all three, all right take the joy of life thing down a bit you three. This is an artistic photo, same result can't help these faces they show years of laughs love and Bread & Roses compassion. Plus, of course, three hams. A hamilicious photo!

Maureen Hurley I need to find the original of this photo and see if I can make a better print—this is a terrible copy—from when digital was in its infancy. I've been saving it all these years to send to you but in those days you didn't even do email, O great gorilla-fingered one! Welcome to the digital age. And Facebook, no less!

added 4/24/2016

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