Thursday, February 12, 2004

Seeking Dreams

Seeking Dreams
(Teaching notes form Alexander Valley School.)

Against afternoon sun, the mountain rising and cerulean sky breathing an impossible blue. I am speechless as if the sky sucked all breath from me, covetous of its kin.

The children decide whether they are mind poets or space poets, each writing a poem to one of the elements. In this way Aristotle's is invoked. He walks among us as we write.

As I explain the pattern. Justin, the disturbed child, cottons on to me. Says he's both a space and a mind poet. I laugh, saying, you got it! He is pleased with his newfound power of the word manifesting itself on the page. 

They are wise beyond their eight years, collectively. I think 8×20. There are 160 years old! And writing well beyond their years. 

Hank goes deep, plays with the mind. He says: seeking the dream, I am space, I am mind, I am God.  We read each other like maps.

Garett writes how the stars prickle his back for he is the night sky speaking in rhythm. In this way, quintessence is evoked, the fifth element. We are word scientists unearthing the fire within, watching it take flight, become the tears of stars.

We each learn something new about the other. Space, mind, mind, space. When you know how to listen for the secret code, all is revealed and we write our way into the heart of things.


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