Sunday, December 10, 2000

Letter to Graduate Affairs, SFSU (missing text)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a MA candidate (English: Creative Writing) attempting to graduate, having completed all my necessary units last year. To date I have been unsystematically thwarted in my many attempts to graduate by several SFSU offices: culprits I can name include the Office of the Dean of Humanities, and the Office of Graduate Affairs. Repeated filing and refiling of paperwork plus numerous phone calls has not as of yet resolved the myriad bureaucratic complexities plagueing my application form. I would like to know why.

The process for applying for MA graduation should not be akin to that of Soviet bureaucracy, a system which I have also been a victim of. But I wish to bring this to your attention and document the process so that other students less loquacious and stubborn than I, won’t have to suffer similar indignities.

I will try to make this humerous in that Aristotle said that learning should be pleasurable and I believe that you—who are competently completing your jobs—have a high learning curve ahead—because I, the student am consistently falling through large bureaucratic cracks that you may not have not noticed. It is time to find, and mend them. I believe you are there to serve me; I pay you for the priveledge of attending SFSU. I should not have to be telling you how to do your jobs. But you’ve left me no alternative. And an unfortunate side effect is that you now have a very (missing text...)


Perhaps you’re familiar with the movie/ book, “Catch-22” a lexicon that has entered the English language ammending the WWII acronym SNAFU. I’ll let you discover the origin of that one. I had illusions that SFSU was a newer, kinder bureaucracy. I was a student here in the 1970s and because of similar ridiculous bureaucracy, dropped out of SFSU an..... (missing text...)   damU ASCII hell


Not sure when this was written. But clearly I was on a roll, and since I must've sent it to several departments, things were on a roll and suddenly my paperwork was approved so fast, it made my head spin.

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