Monday, October 2, 2000

GROWING UP IRISH, take one, (final v. missing)

ASCII destroyed final version!!!

It was one thing to grow up Irish Catholic in the Mission
where shamrocks were painted on the sidewalk
but after the Depression my family fled to the country 
and I grew up in the sticks
where everyone else’s grandmother was a member of the DAR,
my classmates were Rainbow Girls or Bluebirds; clubs for WASPs only.
Like the San Geronimo Tennis and Country Club.
No matter that most of us were too poor to join.
The same Protestant ascendancy right here in America.

You were labeled a freak once the nuns came in their penguin suits
asking us Catholics to raise our hands.
There we were, branded in grade school, while they—
the Bluebirds and Brownies got cookies and milk after school
while we were hammering nails into our martyred psyches
and stealing candy after catechism 
from old man Lacy at the Lagunitas store.
Having left one revolution behind,
here were facing the religious segregation again
diminished like those of the sidhe who shrank
during the centuries of Christendom
disappearing into particle theory 
only to became invisible quarks and muons....


from Justin Chinn's Creatiive Writing class 605-01
Did I also write another version for Dan Milia? Or Brighid Murphy?
At any rate, the Chinn version is not the final copy.
I know it existed, as I have the jpg posted below.

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